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"When everyone goes home with unforgettable memories and smiles on their
faces it really makes me appreciate my passion for fishing."

Your Kenai River Fishing Guide

Chad boatman martin


I grew up in a small town in northwest Montana.  From a very early age, I was taught a deep respect for nature and the lifelong skills of being a fisherman.  I remember holding my first fly fishing rod at the age of six fishing with my father and godfather on the Madison River. Being young and new to fly fishing, I ended up catching many more trees and bushes on my back cast than I did fish on my forward cast. 

As I grew up, I took to the many rivers of western Montana, and my love for fishing only increased.  Since my time in Montana, I have fished many of the rivers and lakes in the United States and other locations around the globe.  

After going to school and working as an architectural drafter for 10 years in Minnesota, I was ready to move to Alaska in 2006 to fulfill my personal dream of being a professional fishing guide. 

Although I have fished many places in Alaska, I have spent the majority of my time on the Kenai River.  I really love hunting down fish and teaching people of all ages about the techniques that are needed to be a successful fisherman. 
After all, a bent rod makes for a happy fisherman.  When I’m not fishing on the Kenai River, you can usually find me out exploring some of the smaller gems that the Kenai Peninsula has to offer.

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